Technical translations

High-quality technical translations, always delivered on time. Engineering documents translated with precision. Effective communications in the fields of technology and telecommunications. 

My language combinations

  • English to Italian
  • Swedish to Italian

Document translated

  • Patents
  • Technical manuals
  • User guides
  • Technical specifications
  • Safety data sheets
  • Product descriptions

These kinds of translations require in-depth knowledge of the correct terminology and register, which is why it’s important to work with a specialist in this field, someone who is passionate, meticulous and who knows the ins and outs of technical texts.

With over 20 years’ experience working with these kinds of documents day-in-day out, combined with my qualifications and expertise as a translator, you can be sure your documents are translated with quality, clarity, precision and accuracy.


What you can expect

  • precise use of terminology: by working with me you will have the peace of mind of working with a translator with extensive industry experience, capable of finding the best way to effectively communicate the message in your documents;
  • reliability and punctuality: you will be commissioning your work to a professional with a background of delivering consistency, respecting deadlines and being attentive to clients’ needs;
  • transparency and quality: I only accept translation projects on topics I am familiar with – this means you can count on quality.

How I work

After inital email contact I will ask you to send me the technical documents you need translated. I’ll read them carefully and, if I am 100% certain the subject matter matches my expertise, I’ll send you a quote. If my quote matches your budget, we’ll agree on the payment of a deposit and I’ll get started on your project.

From this moment on my eyes and words are all yours: I will make sure suitable terminology is used, check that the technical information is correct, and verify the meaning and formatting of the text to ensure readability. Once the translation is complete, I’ll send you the document for final approval followed by the final invoice for the work.

At the end of the project you will have translations that are clear, comprehensive, faithful to the meaning of the original text, and that will help you to achieve the goals you’re aiming for.


English and Swedish texts translated into Italian.

Translations and editing of technical texts for specialist companies in the fields of engineering and telecommunications.

After working in engineering for over 20 years and training as a technical translator, I combine my skills, experience and obsession for accuracy to provide high-quality translations of complex technical documents.


   +46 (0)73 0945396