Technical editing and revision

Maybe you already have a translated text, but something about it doesn’t seem quite right. The phrasing is clunky and awkward, the communication of information is unclear and haphazard. Above all, you have a feeling the translator did not fully understand the technology, features and technical systems described. 

If this is the case, you don’t need a new translation from scratch, but editing by a specialist translator.

And this is exactly what I do: I edit and revise translated texts, checking there are no technical or grammatical errors, making sure your texts are exactly right for your needs. I will polish and refine your texts, restructure the phrasing as necessary, and make sure the key concepts are clear. 

Translations of the following languages revised

  • English to Italian
  • Swedish to Italian

Document revised

  • Patents
  • Technical manuals
  • User guides
  • Technical specifications
  • Safety data sheets
  • Product descriptions

What I offer and what you can expect

  • expertise and experience: thanks to my background and experience, I can correct technical errors and improve the value of your texts;
  • precision and an eye for detail: I check each and every word, removing any errors to ensure you have content that is correct from all angles;
  • honesty and transparency: I will only revise texts that really need it. If your text doesn’t need editing, I’ll tell you straight away and you won’t owe me a thing.

With my technical editing and revision, you can count on effective translations with polished communications that ensure your company’s professional image shines through.

How I work

It all starts with an email: you let me know what you need and send me the texts to edit and revise. If I think the quality of the translation is fine, I’ll let you know. Otherwise I’ll send you a quote.

Once you have accepted the quote, I’ll get started on your texts. When editing and revising your translation, I’ll be looking at three main aspects: concepts, syntax and grammar. I start by checking the information in the text, using my in-depth industry experience to correct any technical errors. I then look at the structure and phrasing of the text, making sure the information is well-organised, fluent and clear so the meaning and purpose of the text is clear. 

I finish by checking the grammar, clearing up any typos or errors. When it’s all ready, I’ll send you the revised file for your final approval.


English and Swedish texts translated into Italian.

Translations and editing of technical texts for specialist companies in the fields of engineering and telecommunications.

After working in engineering for over 20 years and training as a technical translator, I combine my skills, experience and obsession for accuracy to provide high-quality translations of complex technical documents.


   +46 (0)73 0945396