20 years experience & a masters in technical translation


I am an experienced engineer and translator.
I have worked as an engineer in electronics and telecommunications for over 20 years. Like most engineers, I am a stickler for details and accuracy.

I like things to be clear, precise and exact. I apply this same meticulous approach to my translations.   

I know how important it is that technical documents are clear, correct and that they achieve their purpose. Having often used translated documents as part of my work as an engineer, I know the difference a clear and high-quality translation can make to ensuring smoother workflows and efficiency all round.

I have lived and worked in Italy, the UK and am now based in Sweden. I have a master’s in technical translation and a passion for producing functional, clear and comprehensive texts.

With over 20 years’ experience working in the mobile telephony industry, I have an understanding of the underlying concepts in your texts and can ensure the information, message and function are clear and accessible to the people who will need to use your texts.

Away from my desk, I become a mermaid and I spend as much time as possible in or nearby the sea: scuba diving, kayaking or just walking along the beach with my dogs.

Take a look at my full CV to find out more about my professional experience and qualifications.

what can i do for your company?

I can give you peace of mind when it comes to communicating with clients and industry professionals around the world. Knowing that your texts and documents are clear and precise means you can be sure your business is making the best possible impression with your Italian-speaking clients and partners.

Are you looking for…

A translator who is a specialist in electrical engineering, electronics and telecommunications and who can translate your documents from English or Swedish into clear and coherent Italian?  Get in touch and let’s get your texts ready for your Italian market.

Do you need…

A technical writer who has expert industry knowledge of electronics, electrical engineering and telecommunications? Get in touch and be certain that your documents are clear, precise and functional.



Technical knowledge

Thanks to my relevant work experience I am well-versed when it comes to technical terminology.


A perfectionist

Everything must be conceptually accurate, grammatically precise and stylistically appropriate.




You can expect work delivered on time, with full respect for deadlines and any individual requirements.


Honesty and clarity

I only handle texts and topics that I am familiar with, ensuring a top-quality service and satisfaction all round.