Engineer + technical writer + translator


documentation specialist

Writer and translator of clear, precise and easy-to-navigate documents for companies in technology manufacturing, electronics and telecommunication.



Creation of clear, user-friendly technical documents in English or Italian.


Technical documents translated from English or Swedish into Italian.

Industry sectors

♦ IT
♦ Telecommunications
♦ Consumer Electronics
♦ Electrical and Electronic Manufacturing

Types of technical documentation

 ♦ Operating mauals
♦ Installation manuals
♦ Release notes
♦ Manuals and user guides
  ♦ Installation guides
♦ Administration guides
♦ Developer guides
♦ Service and product descriptions
♦ SW and HW manuals

Accurate, precise and effective

All technical documentation should be accurate, precise and effective.

Engineering is an exact science, and your company’s technical documentation needs to guarantee high levels of precision. Accurate and effective documents mean smoother workflows and processes.

That is why it is important to work with someone who has industry-specific knowledge and experience, someone who is passionate, accurate and no stranger to the underlying principles and concepts that your documents need to communicate.

Why choose me?

I have a degree in electrical engineering and have worked as an electrical and telecommunications engineer in the UK, Sweden and Italy.

I have detailed knowledge of the appropriate style and wording of various technical texts in three different languages and I’m familiar with industry terminology, enabling me to successfully handle highly specific and specialised content.

I offer high-quality technical documents, ensuring that communication is effective and concepts are clear.

Her long international experience within structured organizations emerges in her precision, punctuality and high quality work.

English to Italian translation client

Anna has a flair for technical marketing texts and she is an asset in projects requiring both engineering expertise and language fluency.

Project manager - translation agency


Let’s get started

Technical Writing Projects:
Send me your project brief and I will provide a quote to give you peace of mind that your technical documents will be clear and functional, saving you time and money. You can send me your brief in English, Swedish or Italian.


Technical Translation Projects:
Send me the technical documents you need to be translated. I’ll read them carefully and, if I am 100% certain the subject matter matches my expertise, I’ll send you a quote for precise and effective Italian translations of your technical documents.